Bobby Chindaphone started his marketing career sometime in 2005. Fortunately, due to the combination of his comprehensive technical knowledge and adaptable advertising skillset, he was able to immediately establish a presence in the affiliate marketing industry. After just a couple years of determination and direction, Creadively was born. Confident in his skills and ideas, he hoped that his newfound company would sprout into something special, and it did. By the end of the following year, Creadively went on to generate over $1M in revenues, and over $3M total in it's 4-year life span.

Today, Bobby is still actively doing amazing things in the online advertising industry. Recently, in 2012, he formed Medialapse to further his vision and advertising ventures. Even as you are reading this, Bobby is still around and still working hard some amazing projects you might be seeing soon.

"My skillset is the most interesting part about me, even when I think about it myself. I'm not a programmer, I'm not an advertiser, I'm not a writer and I'm certainly not a media publisher. I have skills in all these areas because they are a part of me."

"100% of one skill is not good enough in this modern age of business. I believe in learning 90% of a skill, but also learning 100 different skills along the way."

Marketing & Advertising

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript


UIX Management

96 Other Useful Skills

2012 - Present


Advertising Visionary

Envisions, develops, manages and optimizes client advertising campaigns from scratch or turnkey. Daily managing of thousands of dollars worth of spending in advertising campaigns for clients through leading advertising networks.

2006 - 2010


Founder & CEO

Founded the marketing company Creadively LLC. Developed and managed hundreds of campaigns, generated millions in revenue for clients and established dozens of solid business relationships with prominent industry companies.

2010 - Present

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Advertising & Computer Sciences

Majoring in Advertising and Minoring in Computer Sciences.